July 12, 2024

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Moon-Chan Kim in seek of commercial opportunities in Sri Lanka

Mr. Moon Chan Kim the Co-founder and technical adviser of E&D Co., Ltd, a company which provides environment and energy technology solutions.  Its products include EnDsel-PF, a device that reduces the particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbon emissions from diesel vehicles; and EnDsel-PPF, a solution for emission control from light and medium duty diesel vehicles. He developed and commercialized automobile environmental catalysts and single type DPF, and P-DPF system.

Moon Chan Kim a citizen of Korea with a brooch of the Sri Lankan flag tagged on his jacket, is now in the course for commercial opportunities in Sri Lanka along with directing Korean firms to invest in such commercial opportunities he discovers to be fitting.

Korea is also one of Sri Lanka’s leading donors of Official Development Assistance (ODA). Korean ODA has contributed to Sri Lanka’s development process through the Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF), and grant assistance via the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). There are many lessons that our lawmakers and people can learn from Korea. When World War II ended, Korea was way behind both Sri Lanka and Japan in terms of economic growth.

Mr. Moon-Chan Kim in 1993 graduated from Yondsei University, Seoul Korea with a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering a study of the hydrocracking and the hydrodesulphurization over NiPtMo, CoPtMo catalysts supported on HZSM-5, LaY, and r-Al2O3, and their acidic characterization.

Following his graduation, Moon-Chan Kim in 1995 became the professor of Environmental Engineering at the Cheongju University in Korea executing many national projects for the environmental catalysts and renewable energy.

Been the founder and CEO of ENFC CO., Ltd. In 2005 and also the founder and CEO of the Oil City., Ltd. In 2012, Mr. Moon-Chan Kim is now the Asian region policy officer of International Biographical Center a publisher owned by Melrose Press Ltd that specializes in producing biographical publications, such as the Dictionary of International Biography, Great Men and Women of Science and other vanity awards.

Sri Lanka in the modern era has become a center of attraction for foreign investments as a part of a South Asian trio with high potential for growth. Korean business leaders have already expressed their strong interest in investing in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka with an economy worth of $278.415 billion and a per capita GDP of about $11,068.996, Sri Lanka has a strong growth rate in recent years. Sri Lanka’s economic future can be seen as a services hub to produce goods which plug into regional and global value chains and a center for high-value agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables and dairy contributing the rapid growth of the tourism and export sectors.

With an unemployment rate of 4.2%, with foreign firms inclined towards investing in Sri Lankan businesses seeking for opportunities, it will in return be an opportunity for the unemployed population in the country to seek for job opportunities which will contribute towards the economy of the country as a benefit.

In 2010, as the research scientist for the Department of Chemical Engineering, MIT in Cambridge, USA, Moon Chan Kim executed and commercialized power generation system by fast pyrolysis with waste biomass and MSW and emulsion fuel for IMO Tier 3 regulations.

The country’s geographically strategic location near two high-growth regions (India and Southeast Asia), and its tourist potential, as well as the measures taken by the government, creation of free zones, reduction of food subsidies and other consumer goods, are factors that draws the eyes of foreign investors towards Sri Lanka.

Moon Chan Kim is a professional in areas such dissociation catalyst of waste plastics and woody fiber for producing diesel oil, heterogeneous catalysts for environmental fields such as reducing NOx, CO, dioxin, ozone, VOCs (volatile organic carbons), and toxic materials. Further, he has entitled The Da Vinci Diamond Award (IBC 2016), Great Men and Women of Science Award, and furthermore. Hence, his knowledge and participation in the commercial sector will be beneficial for Sri Lanka.