July 12, 2024

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Growth of Digital Marketing In Sri Lanka

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Back in the times of classic advertising, you needed to be concerned about digital marketing impressions and total return on investment (ROI) of your efforts, optimizing your job according to your limited funds and the limited options available. Technology has forced us to believe Digital and proceed for internet advertising, where new metrics have been defined, together with yet restricted resources, but infinite options that gave far more complicated significance for optimization.

Social networking digital marketing plays a critical part in’digital advertising’ in sri lanka which it’s altered the online ecosystem. It’s made a parallel world where one’s planet isn’t confined by his/her encompassing but hordes of things occurring over the web and social websites. For the millennials being relevant and obtaining social acceptance for something that they do is becoming more significant. The period spent by an ordinary consumer on social websites is 2.5 hours (50% of the everyday online time) which makes it the most prime destination online.

One should know the unique opportunities and the way it differs from other websites. A company should join conversations and eventually become a part of a neighbourhood, instead of being a company’outsider’ who attempts to sell aggressively. The platform should make an individual voice to your enterprise since Facebook users prefer to speak to others — to not an impartial organization. Your company Facebook page has to have the ability to compose in a voice which seems genuine and likeable, employing a style which is suitable for your enterprise.

A Facebook webpage is a terrific free advertising tool for companies. These pages allow companies identify themselves not only through list merchandise offerings and solutions but also by sharing hyperlinks, pictures and articles on a customizable site to provide a much better feeling of a company’ personality and personality.

Your FB company page is a fantastic place to come up with your new identity and reveal your human side. Today Facebook has introduced two brands unique Facebook attributes which are altering the character of electronic advertising. The’Immediate Article’ tool, allowing publishers to make appealing mobile-first articles right on the system and live-streaming video fad has takeoff (enables verified users to flow videos for their network in real-time). Both of these attributes are quickly peaking, and they’re reshaping the digital marketing and advertising campaigns.


Twitter has been useful in keeping its growth concerning active users but has neglected to interpret such expansion into earnings growth. As crowd-based merchandise (like some of those other programs ), the core power of Twitter lies within its variety of active consumers; however, as a profitable company, revenue generation is the top priority. Twitter has been shifting its efficacy in various ways, including many attributes, whether inside the net application or its cellular application that is their competitive edge.

Many users and professionals have perceived this measure as an effort to replicate Facebook’s expertise. Years past, Twitter was going to implement a characteristic very similar to Facebook’s webpages, to assist brands market their services and products on the stage.

The brand new likes’ rather than favourites’ edit, might be read like a completely different story.

In all scenarios, Twitter has enabled many companies to prosper and anticipated to improve its power in various geographic places.


In a previous couple of decades LinkedIn has enhanced its customers’ experience on the stage, assisting professionals land on current projects, hire new workers, construct their networks and market their own companies. It has undoubtedly represented on the organization’s generated earnings, bringing in its position as the 2nd most significant revenue-generating social networking platform, following Facebook.

One thing we know for sure is that the effects of Pulse’s integration to LinkedIn, allowing for more user-centred posts to be revealed to every user, according to their careers, businesses and reading tastes. In the majority of the contemporary business-to-business (B2B) markets, it’d be hard not to consider incorporating LinkedIn’s Pulse in your digital marketing strategy in Sri Lanka. Even for a few B2C entrepreneurs, the stage was successfully used for promotion purposes.

Google professionals have analyzed the precision of their new technology contrary to the validity of their own. The machine has scored 80 percent of proper outcomes when Google 80 manufacturers have scored 70 percent of appropriate results, a new age where you can observe a system outperforming its creators. This should be contemplated within your next search engine optimization strategy, understanding that about 75% of search queries on Google include three to five words, the motor would usually have sufficient input to find out the consumer’s intention.

best digital marketing company sri lanka is www.seosrilanka.net becoming ever more popular in the industry and rightly so. If you understand the requirement of the digital campaign properly, it can work amazing things for your industry over the your competition of the industry. Therefore its essential to undented key element of seo campaign to reach your online goals throughout the company you are working with,

However, how can you know whether your social networking plan is successful? How can you measure its own success?

Check participation of lovers

While the amount of buffs can be a step of your advertising success, a more precise measure is how much your supporters are interacting with your page/profile — quantity of enjoys, stocks, retweets and pokes can be a sign of how successful your campaign will be. The more your buffs participate with your brand, the more curious they are in your small business and the more probable they are going to be to purchase your merchandise.

Assess visitors to your site

the principal goal of any societal medial advertising and digital marketing campaign would be to send visitors to your site. So check your data (via Google Analytics) to observe just how a lot of your traffic is coming out of societal programs and is there some growth as the time you have intensified your societal campaigns. So get your site ready . You can opt for cloud hosting since it’s flexible enough to take care of abrupt spikes in traffic.

Assess conversions

Obtaining traffic is excellent but what if they are useless to youpersonally? The next thing to do would be to assess if your customers will be taking the desired actions. It might also be to create them download an e-book, take part in a competition or even sign up for your newsletter. No matter the aim might be, you will want to check that it’s being achieved.

If your digital marketing effort is getting you considerable traffic but the majority of the traffic are rebounding off your site, then it can not be called a successful effort.

Selecting the most appropriate platform

there are lots of things that lead to the achievement of any digital marketing effort in sri lanka, however, the most significant one is the option of the platform. Every social networking platform has its own attributes and brings a particular sort of audience, so in the event that you would like to be successful, you have to understand what matches your company the very best.

So how can you be certain you select appropriate? Listed below are a Couple of factors you need to consider:

You are able to perform a study of All of the criteria and decide which platform matches the demographics of your target client the best

Know your articles

When you are on social networking, you market your company via articles. Hence that the sort of content you produce will decide on the platform you select. For example:

Know exactly what you need

Do you wish to enhance SEO? Would you like more people to walk in your shop? Would you need to target smaller markets rather than the societal giants mentioned previously? Would you wish to create connections with other companies? Knowing what you need will determine what societal platform matches best.

For example, if you’d like SEO, then it is Google+; should you desire walk-ins then you are going to need to join social networks such as Yelp and FourSquare; should you would like smaller markets, then the ideal place to begin would be Reddit; and finally, LinkedIn can help you make these very important business connections.

This guarantees that you reach to a larger audience

Analyse all outcomes to make improvements where required. Evaluate your numbers with everything you anticipated. Benchmark against your competition, campaigns or products in order for your stakeholders can quickly understand what these numbers mean. It’s very important that you utilize the analytical advertising tools which are available to assemble data now and use that info to form continually future advertising campaigns toward being exceptionally successful ones.