June 20, 2024

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SLT-MOBITEL Mobile was again ranked as the most ‘fastest Mobile Network

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In a reaffirmation of its superiority in providing unbeatable connectivity and a superior user experience SLT-MOBITEL Mobile was again ranked as the most ‘fastest Mobile Network by Ookla the world’s leader in mobile and fixed broadband network testing software including data analysis and data. This recognition is a testimony to SLT-MOBITEL’s commitment to provide record speeds throughout the years, while ensuring widest coverage and a superior quality of service to its customers across the entire island.

The Speedtest Awards, licensed to worldwide Internet Service Providers as well as mobile carriers, are based with an average Speed Score which is a measurement of the upload and download speed across the nation to determine the speed of their network. Prior recognitions have been given to the status of the most efficient mobile service in 2017 and in 2020 SLT-MOBITEL Mobile continues become the leading provider on the Mobile Service segment consistently, providing superior mobile connectivity and unbeatable network performance. Customers of SLT-MOBITEL Mobile can be guaranteed to have the best connectivity throughout Sri Lanka and unparalleled user experience in games streaming, gaming, or social media browsing.

It is the Ookla Speedtest Awards are a bi-annual honor that was the result of thousands of consumers’ tests with Speedtest(r). Based on this study, SLT-MOBITEL Mobile has outperformed its competitors in speed performance in the past couple of years, and has been awarded an award called the Speedtest Award consecutively since 2019.

In the year 2019, SLT-MOBITEL tested 5G with an official 5G smartphone to the very first time South Asia, showcasing record speeds. They are currently preparing to roll out 5G as well as other modern connectivity options.