Mass grave in Mannar in Northern Sri Lanka unearths 55 human skeletons

Skeletal remains of 55 people and human bones have been unearthed from the mass grave found in Mannar in Northern Sri Lanka since excavations began on May 28 this year.

Senior Judicial Medical Officer Saminda Rajapakse, who is leading the investigation, said they were able to systematically unearth skeletal remains of 55 humans and some human bones so far from excavations of the mass grave at the site of the old Sathosa building in Mannar.

According to the senior Judicial Medical Officer out of the 55 bodies found they have been able to systematically recover skeletal remains of 34 bodies.

He said the excavated skeletal remains have been sealed and placed at the Mannar Magistrate’s Court complex.

Experts in the excavation say that many skeletons found in the Mannar mass grave show fractures caused by heavy blows with sharp instruments. However, none of the skeletons show any signs of gunshot wounds, they said.

Following the discovery of human remains on 26 March, further digging at the site was continued under the supervision of Mannar magistrate M Prabhakaran. The excavation of the site started on May 28.

The town was occupied by the Tamil Tiger terrorists LTTE during Sri Lanka’s civil war between 1983 and 2009. International right organizations and the UN say around 40,000 people were killed during the war but there is no official figure.

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