Speculation that has arisen in terms of Gothabya Rajapaksa’s renunciation of his United States citizenship was denounced as being “mischievous and obviously politically motivated.” Sources close to the Rajapaksa family disclosed that the speculation on candidate Rajapaksa’s citizenship is entirely the work of those politically opposed to the SLPP candidate’s attempt to be elected President.

The same source stressed that the summary of those who had renounced their citizenship was issued by the IRS and had no direct impact on citizenship – there are documented instances when the appearnce on the IRS list has taken over 12 months after the formal renunciation of citizenship certificate has been issued.

Gothabya Rajapaksa handed in his US passport and complied with all requirements of the United States in his renunciation process. His affairs were said to be quite straightforward, including the sale of his home in the United States which was done ‘a long time ago’. The former Defence Secretary now lives in a Colombo suburb in a home that belongs to his wife.

Commenting on his uncle’s presidential bid and on this same issue, MP Namal Rajapaksa tweeted saying that if there are any suspicions all relevant documentation will be supplied to the appropriate authority and at the appropriate time. Instead, the young MP said the other parties ought to be thinking of deciding on their own political candidate – one who can actually contest against his uncle, the former Defence Secretary.


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