Two arrested for attempting to extort Rs. 3.5 million ransom by threatening phone calls

Special Crimes Operation Unit of the Mirihana Police has arrested two persons for attempting to extort Rs. 3.5 million ransom from an individual by threatening phone calls.

A complaint has been lodged with the Western Province-South DIG regarding an attempt to extort a ransom of Rs 3.5 million from a resident in Homagama area by calling the person and threatening him.

Accordingly, the officers of the Mirihana Special Crimes Unit had conducted investigations and arrested two individuals who were behind the threatening phone calls in Kaduwela and Homagama, yesterday (08). Along with the suspects, a mobile phone used for making the calls has also been seized by the police.

A 27 year old resident of Korathota, Kaduwela and a 31 year old resident of Wekanda Road, Homagama had been arrested.

The suspects are to be produced before the Homagama Magistrate Court today (09). Further investigations are being carried out by the Special Crime Unit of the Mirihana Police.

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