Three including lawyer nabbed with drugs

Three persons in possession of drugs have been arrested in Kollupitiya area early this morning (17).

The arrest was made by the officers of Kollupitiya police station, who acted on a tip-off received by them.

It was reported that an attorney-at-law named Iqbal Krishnai (38) is also among the arrestees. He was arrested with 4g 110mg of Crystal Methamphetamine commonly known as ‘Ice’.

The other two arrestees were in possession of 4 pills and of 430mg of ‘Ice’ at the time of the arrest.

They have been identified as 33-year-old Abdul Hameed and 38-year-old Abdul Kareem Mohamed Azni.

The suspects are to be produced before the Colombo Fort Magistrate’s Court today (17).

Kollupitiya Police is conducting further investigations into the incident.

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