The Fugitive Governor

Most former Governors of Sri Lankan origin anyway, go back to their homes and live happily ever after we assume. One thing most do not do is move home. By the time they ascend to the exalted role of Governor of the Central Bank most are financially well established to live in a permanent family home. Governor AS Jayawardena lived for over 50 years at his home and passed away recently from the same address, Governor Cabraal lives in his home built in

1983 and was mostly resident there save the 8 plus years he lived at Bank House and indeed so did many other previous Governors. Except Ranil Wickremesinghe says that Mahendran is in the habit of moving frequently as he says it is the custom of Singaporeans. We did not find any evidence of a high churn rate of Singaporean housing, but we did find out that fugitives tend to usually be of a moving abode or of no fixed abode.

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