Sri Lanka U19 Selector-Manager FarveezMaharoof Continues with his media commitments

Sri Lanka’s former allrounderFarveezMaharoof is providing his expertise, analysis for a media group before and after national team’s matches in the ongoing World Cup in England and Wales.

For a local media house, Maharoof is giving his expertise on a show named Around the Wickets.


Maharoof, who is already in the junior selection committee as one of the selector, was recently appointed as Sri Lanka Under-19 team manager as well.

On April 6, Cricket Age had exposed that apart from drawing salary from SLC for two jobs, Maharoof is also still actively involved in his media commitments as well, doing pre match analysis and commentary for a certain media house.


After Cricket Age expose, Maharoof had written a letter to SLC, in which he has requested to give him permission to continue his media commitments.


Cricket Age has the access of the SLC management committee document, that says that Maharoof has informed the board that he is a freelance cricket commentator and expert at a media house and request to permit him to continue his association with the media house in order to share his cricketing knowledge and gaining experience as a commentator.


Cricket Age has the access of Maharoof appointment as well, and according to this he is drawing a salary of one Lakh excluding allowances (transport allowance 50,000 LKR and mobile allowance 5000 LKR).


It is noteworthy that in last few months, Maharoof has become one of the most influential past cricketer at SLC, largely due to his high level connections. Two appointments and drawing two salaries from one organisation is itself a conflict of interest and as if it not enough, he is also continue with his media commitments as well!


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