SF calls for legal action against leopard killers

Minister of Wildlife Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka has directed relevant units to take legal action against groups responsible for the assault and killing of the leopard in a village in Ambalakulam, Kilinochchi.

Deputy Minister of Wildlife Palitha Thewarapperuma said legal action will be taken against all individuals responsible for the killing of the leopard, regardless of their positions.

Deputy Minister Thewarapperuma said several factions are responsible for the killing of the leopard.The Deputy Minister said people have no right to kill the animal adding the veterinarian should have explained the situation to the people.He noted both groups are at fault as a mistake was made by villagers and wildlife officials.

The Deputy Minister of Wildlife said the STF and Police were also present and they too failed to respond and control the crowd adding therefore they are also wrong.The Deputy Minister said the leopard had been brought to Giritale adding a Court order has been requested to stuff the leopard with cotton for display.

Deputy Minister Thewarapperuma said the Minister of Wildlife issued an order to arrest all factions responsible for the killing of the leopard. The leopard had attacked around 10 villagers yesterday following which officers of the Department of Wildlife arrived to capture the leopard.However in the process four wildlife officers also sustained injuries.Due to the delay in capturing the leopard area residents had rounded on the animal and begun beating it to death.The leopard is rapidly becoming an endangered species in the world.

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