Does Saudi Arabia Realize Quite How Serious This Is?

The alleged killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul would be a sign of enormous weakness not strength. “Unless the Saudi government speaks and acts quickly and honestly about this terrible event, its own reputation will incur irreparable damage.”

If Khashoggi has been killed, it would suggest “either a regime without internal procedures and controls, or one in which an impulsive decision to kill a critic living in Washington cannot be contradicted or even questioned. The Saudis may not realize what a wide impact that conclusion will have on governments and on investors, but it will be profound. All Saudi decision-making will come into question, and the government’s reliability as a partner will be rendered uncertain,”

“Saudi Arabia is and will remain for a very long time an absolute monarchy. What the crown prince must grasp is that his entire modernization program, indeed every defense of his own personal power, is undermined by what all the evidence suggests was a carefully planned murder.”

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