Record Rs. 2.9 million income from Horton Plains National Park in one day

Sri Lanka Department of Wildlife Conservation says the Horton Plains National Park in the central highlands had earned a record income in one day in last month due to the popularity of its biodiversity center among the foreign tourists who love nature.

Horton Plains National Park Officer in Charge GKPM Pradeep Kumara said on 29 December, Ohiya and Pattipola entrances to the park recorded an income of Rs. 29 million.

The Horton Plains National Park, with its unique watershed and biodiversity and archeological value is managed by the Department of Wildlife Conservation.

A large number of tourists including foreign tourists have visited the park during the school vacation season last month.

Spread over 3,159.8 hectares, Horton Plains, with a rich and unique biodiversity, is already a tourist hot spot and many hundreds of visitors engage in hiking and sight seeing in the plains daily.

It is the highest plateau in Sri Lanka at about 1200-2300 m above sea level.

According to the research, there are about 101 species of plants in the plains and 49 of them are endemic to Sri Lanka. A majority of the endemic plants are only found in the Horton Plains.

The park is home to 98 species of birds, 14 species of mammals, 16-20 species of amphibians, and 40 species of butterflies.

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