Sajith Premadasa born 12 January 1967 is a Sri Lankan politician, a working committee member, Deputy Leader of the United National Party (UNP), the government party of Sri Lanka and Member of Parliament for Hambantota District and was the former cabinet minister of samurudi affairs and a Deputy Minister of Health in Sri Lanka. He is the son of the martyred Ranasinghe Premadasa the former President of Sri Lanka. Premedasa was appointed as the Cabinet Minister of Housing and Samurdi by President Maithripala Sirisena on 13 January 2015. After the 2015 General Election victory of the United National Party Premadasa was appointed Minister for Housing and Construction.


He attended S. Thomas’ Preparatory School Kollupitiya for 5 years and Royal College Colombo for 4 years Premadasa completed his higher education in London.

General Election 2010

For the fourth general election in a row, Sajith Premadasa won the highest percentage of preferential votes out of all United National Party candidates on Thursday, which was just under 90 percent of United National Party votes in the Hambantota Electoral District.

Deputy Leader

Premadasa was elected as the deputy leader of the United National Party in 2011 and then removed from the position in 2013. In 2014 party decided formally appointed him as the deputy leader.

General Election

Sajith first entered politics in 2000, when he was elected to parliament from Hambantota with 83 percent of the UNP preferential votes. He won 82 percent of the preferential votes in the 2001 election and 84 percent in the 2004 election and 89 percent in 2010.He was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Health under the premiership of Ranil Wickramasinghe in 2001 and remained till 2004 when his government was dissolved by President Chandrika.

Tharuna Saviya

Tharuna Saviya, the Youth Movement of Sajith Premadasa. The mission of the Tharuna Saviya is to recruit, train, mobilize, and engage youth in all 25 Districts of Sri Lanka to win the battle of ideas and elections in order to move towards a new Premadasa era. Tharuna Saviya serves as a voice for youth across the country, and provides them with the training and resources they need to succeed in winning future generations.

Jana Suwaya

Jana Suwaya People Development Foundation initiated in 1994 has made an earnest attempt at addressing the paramount issues of basic human needs faced by the people of Hambantota.

Through the establishment of 20 NGOs, which are registered under the social services ministry of Sri Lanka, Janasuwaya program has embarked on a pathbreaking mission to light up the lives of the less fortunate, poorest of the poor and the downtrodden in hambantota society.

Sasunata Aruna

Sajith Premadasa, has initiated a novel project, namely Sasunata Aruna, to help and assist Buddhist temples and Sunday schools in line with the 2600 Sambuddatwa Jayanthi celebrations this year

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