President makes obtaining license for chainsaws mandatory

President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday said that a circular would be issued in the near future to make it mandatory to obtain a license for chainsaws that are used to cut trees.

While informing the public officials about the national program for conservation of the environment at an event held on Monday at the BMICH, the President said that a new circular should be issued to make it mandatory to obtain permits for all machines from the small chainsaw machines to large scale machines used for felling trees.

Accordingly, any persons possessing such machines should report to the nearest police station from February 15 to March 01.

Each police station will have a list of persons who own such machines in their area and steps will be taken to issue licenses to them, the President added.

The President said that those who use such machinery without a license will be arrested and will be prosecuted.

He said that all these decisions were made for the betterment of the country and future generations.

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