POLITICAL: Lack of Morality and Conscience

Morality and Conscience among Politicians is Non-existent in Today’s Political Toilet Bowl.

“The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” — Marcus Aurelius

By Zulkifli Nazim

All politicians claim they are against wanton spending of the taxpayer’s hard-earned dollars. Similarly, they are against government waste, fraud and abuse. They believe in a strong national defense and reducing domestic crime. They all agree that our infrastructure is crumbling and in dire need of repair or replacement. They openly acknowledge that our inner cities are decaying corpses where there is little employment and crime, corruption and chaos running rampant.

Then, why is so little done, if both sides agree on so much?

Because, they are lying through their teeth. It is all about their personal political power and the ability to retain their privileges, perks and personal profits that come with government service as an elected official. They care little about national security and domestic policy – other than how it affects them personally.

We have never before, in the history of our beloved country Sri Lanka, faced the clear and present danger of politicians willing to sell their votes and sell out our country for their own personal gain.

To add insult to injury steps in the black media – The media does not like to report when things are going well, they like to report on the dark-side of Sri Lankan Politics. To rally their base – without a tangible enemy, the media cannot put a face on promoting twisted and misrepresented views against people or parties to be replaced, destroyed or eliminated, so they deliberately create a palpable enemy.

Personal honour, morality and beliefs in religion and Country, is almost nonexistent in today’s political toilet bowl.

Politicians want and need conflict and stories of conspicuously and outrageously reprehensible behavior – To justify their very existence – and if no problem exists, they will make one up so as to compare and contrast their viewpoint with that of those who want the same office and to promote their own political ideology.

In short – The majority of Sri Lankan politicians are Liars extraordinaire. Scoundrels without a shred of personal integrity. Unwilling to follow the laws they themselves create.

This is what today’s politicians are hell bent on doing – To promise entitlements to politicians whose egregious, condemnable and deplorable proclamations makes Sri Lanka feel ashamed in the eyes of the world.

They are also experts in demonizing their enemies – if one side promises good things, they rant and rave that they are based on evil motives.

It appears that in this political setup you need your need enemies to survive; otherwise whom are they going to find fault with?

As we have begun the New Year 2019, we must think about what we should do in the course of this year. Do an analysis on which politicians will serve the country and which are likely to be race-baiters and hyper-partisans.

Hyper Partisanship is a sharply polarized situation in which political parties are in fierce disagreement with each other and this does not bode well for all Citizens.

This does not promote honesty and integrity from our politicians.  As always, their jobs are more important than running our country or following the expectations of the masses that elected them.

Know that the politicians we elect to represent us are our employees, and indeed they have a difficult job to perform. Their job has many facets, all of which must be considered.

First and foremost a politician must be able and willing to govern the country, state, city or other political entity for which they were elected according to the will of the people. They must work with other politicians of widely different concepts of what is best. They must do this within the confines of current laws.

A good employee, one with integrity and honesty, will perform his or her task to the best of their ability. Their own desires and needs will be put aside when on the job. A good employee will, if unsure how to proceed, ask for help or advice.

To function effectively, politicians need political capital and this political capital being able to gain popular support is trust and honesty.

It is extremely important for you, as a party member, to keep his own integrity and honesty. If you give your word, keep it; If you promise, do not break it; If people trust you, do not betray them; If you say something, keep it truthful and don’t try to spin it. Don’t demand for what someone else has been provided with.

Now the question arises: “Are our politicians good employees?”

We think that this is a far cry.

You as citizens of this blessed country, What is it  you want for the future of your children and the descendants down the line?

Don’t you think it is now time to quickly decide what your Sri Lanka should look like. An oligarchy, where A political system governed by a few people or a socialist democracy – rule by corrupt politicians and unions like France?

And most of all, do you want to continue to create special classes of people, the bureaucrats and their public employee unions, who are guaranteed a job for life and politicians with lifetime benefits which exceed those available to ordinary people?

There is much to think about … and little time to actually ponder the consequences of your next vote and next action. Now is the time to consider what Sri Lanka you want to live in – and how much you are willing to pay for the privilege.

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