Pioneers of Private Tented Safari Camp Mahoora Celebrate Two Decades of Curating Life-changing Journeys – ‘Explorer by Mahoora’ to change face of camping inside National parks –

Safaris are life-changing experiences interspersed with the delight of discovery. Providing guests an unsurpassed Sri Lankan wildlife experience, delivering legendary hospitality in rustic yet sophisticated interiors, the pioneer of private tented safari camps, ‘Mahoora’ celebrated two decades of curated life-changing journeys recently.

Mahoora’ part of eco-sensitive and leading adventure tourism company, Eco Team, ensures travellers experience unique encounters, and a safari rich with Sri Lankan wildlife and culture.

From humble beginnings of a make-shift/mobile camping concept operating inside the main national parks and nature reserves in Sri Lanka, Mahoora has strived towards a single overriding purpose; to conserve and preserve Sri Lanka’s wilderness and wildlife by creating life-changing journeys and inspiring positive action.

Tented Living accommodation with the concept of pack in – pack out – with least negative impact to the environment

“This 20th year marks a special milestone for us as we celebrate the reputation of our camps, our extraordinary staff, and strong relationships with guests and travel partners. We aim to continue to offer unique accommodation for travellers to enjoy some of Sri Lanka’s most incredible landscapes and environments in the knowledge that their stay also supports local communities and protects our ecological heritage,” said Anuruddha Bandara, Founder/CEO, Eco Team (Pvt) Ltd.

As a game changer, Mahoora’s unique new private tented camps ‘Explorer by Mahoora’ offers a more intimate and unadulterated perspective in less frequented national parks.

Covering many habitats, the camps encompass incredibly diverse and all-round experiences operating in Gal Oya, Kumana, Minneriya, Wasgamuwa, Knuckles, Sinharaja and Bundala National parks with future plans to expand into the country’s three larger national parks; Yala, Udawalawe and Wilpattu.

Through ‘Explorer by Mahoora’ guests can rediscover a private and exclusive safari setting, where the peaceful essence of the park can be truly experienced.  Five to six guests enjoy unrivalled closeness to the surroundings with only a canvass separating them in rediscovering nature.

Guests very often witness the trumpeting of elephants, a sloth bear nonchalantly walking by, a roar of a leopard, all in close vicinity offering travelers true wilderness living.

Ancient cave that speaks of untold stories of the Big footed Ape- man of Sri Lanka – Nittaewo in Bambaragastalawa – Kumana National Park: is a place where guests can trek up the hill to view the remains of ancient human settlement

The camps truly embody a sense of natural luxury and elegance – each with its own style and character harmoniously blending into the magnificent surroundings. Personal staff, ensuite bathrooms, running water, showers, fans, single beds, linen etc., provides a fully serviced camping experience that is comfortable yet remains rustic; a truly memorable experience where guests experience true wilderness amidst unique natural settings.

Each Mahoora camp is unique and distinctive as the environment that surrounds them. The beautiful interiors feature earthy tones that echo the magnificent natural setting, while a sophisticated safari style offers a contemporary spin on the traditional tented camp.

With the aim of creating immersive and meaningful experiences, Mahoora introduces guests to every aspect of private tented safari camping; from relaxing in camp, dining in the bush to observing nature unfold or even getting to know staff, their heritage and culture.

Mahoora stays true to the belief that its service offering must be a true example of effectively balancing ecological needs linking responsible tourism with conservation and the community.

Using technology and innovation in order to minimize both the carbon and physical footprint and being cost effective ensuring meaningful and lasting benefits to its natural environments is fitting ethos for Mahoora as it continues to create exceptional journeys that are truly sustainable.

Inspired by Eco Team’s philosophy as an authentic and sustainable ecotourism company, Mahoora aims to continue to provide each guest real experiences, positively impacting the ongoing biodiversity of the country’s wilderness heritage and the empowerment of its people.

Today, providing private tented safari camps, through Mahoora and ‘Explorer by Mahoora’ the company aims to offer guests an authentic tailor-made safari experience, warm local hospitality and sublime natural luxury.

While consistently maintaining high levels of luxury and comfort, Eco Team’s core ethos together with Mahoora also respects, supports and celebrates each camp’s unique surrounding land, wildlife and people consistently striving to be eco-conscious, environmentally and socially responsible as a tourism service provider.

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