Parliament debates COPE Committee report

The report compiled by the Committee on Public Enterprises or COPE was taken up for debate in Parliament .Speaking during the debate United People’s Freedom Alliance Parliamentarian Jayantha Samaraweera said the COPE committee should be able to fix the image of Parliament that has deteriorated in the eyes of the public.

The Parliamentarian noted Parliament is known in society as a place filled with rogues adding therefore MPs are prone to be named as thieves.

MP Samaraweera stressed the COPE should not become a body that just compiles reports and attends meetings and media briefings.

Also joining the debate Minister Kabir Hashim said the government has seen positive results through the appointment of an Opposition member as the Chairman of COPE.

The Minister claimed during Mahinda Rajapaksa’s term in office the COPE Chairmanship was given to a Minister which was like giving a fox to protect a chicken fence.

Minister Hashim said the Joint Opposition is attempting to raise issues with the COPE adding it can be likened to a naked man trying to cover himself with a bottomless bucket and in turn pointing at people wearing torn clothes.

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