Kadadasi Recycled Paper – keeping the environment at its heart

In the village of Bollatha- Gampaha, nestled among acres of lush greenery – lies a modest foundry of tastefully handcrafted paper where a vast range of artisan paper products, with the most vibrant designs and colours are brought to life.

Kadadasi – a proud manufacturer of 100% eco-friendly paper products – strives towards   being one with nature through recycling waste to overcome the adverse effects of industrialization.

As a responsible manufacturer, Kadadasi understands the importance of carrying out its production with little to no adverse bearing on the environment.  Raw material used in the production of paper at Kadadasi is sourced from discarded waste from industries in the neighborhood and from agricultural by-products. The use of less energy and water in the manufacturing process has allowed Kadadasi to maintain a meaningfully low carbon footprint overall.

Unique to Kadadasi’s operation is its factory. As an eco-friendly, cottage industry, the construction of the workshop was essentially through the use of recycled building materials on traditional lines, keeping with the rhythm of the environment. Minimalistic in design, the factory machinery has been built by the village blacksmith. While minimum water and electricity is consumed in production, a sustainable waste water management system is also in operation where used water is reused to grow crops.

Authentic yet modern- the product range at Kadadasi varies from wrapping paper to gift bags to stationery to homeware items and can be tailor-made to suit every client’s individual need. All products are crafted with extreme care using paper and the environment as inspiration with unique designs and textures- some being proud creations of Kadadasi’s own staff. Kadadasi’s handmade paper – which bursts of vivid colour – each with its own story- is impossible to find elsewhere, highly distinctive and exclusive to Kadadasi.

There is no denying that the passion behind Kadadasi is its work force- consisting of mainly women from the village of Bollatha. With deep respect for the people who make its products, Kadadasi strives to safeguard the well-being of its employees through untiring efforts. One of Kadadasi’s initiatives towards empowering its female work force has been the introduction of flexible work hours – which has allowed mothers with young children to balance  time with their families while also being financially independent.

Kadadasi indeed bears testimony to a true environmental story, which has safeguarded continuous income generation for its employees while engaging in the mammoth task of preserving the environment and working towards the simple goal of a sustainable future for us and our future generations. For more information visit www.kadadasi.com or https://www.facebook.com/pg/Kadadasi/

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