Fuel prices go up again

The Ministry of Finance announced that fuel prices have been increased with effect from midnight today (10), based on the pricing formula.

Accordingly the price of 92 Octane Petrol has been increased by Rs. 6 per litre while 95 Octane Petrol has been increased by Rs. 8 per litre.

The price of Super Diesel has also been increased by Rs. 8 per litre, however the price of Auto Diesel remains unchanged.

Fuel retailers raised gasoline prices for a fourth time in five months on Wednesday due to a rise in global oil prices and a weaker rupee, but kept diesel prices unchanged to minimise inflation.

“The Government in order to reduce the adverse effect on the people especially the Transport and Fishery sector has decided not to increase the price of Auto Diesel, though it needs to be increased by 11 rupees a Liter under the Fuel Price Formula,” a statement said.

The government has been revising fuel prices according to a price formula once a month since May.

Type of Fuel Price Increase (per litre) New Price (per litre)
Octane 92 Petrol Rs. 6 Rs. 155
95 Octane Petrol Rs. 8 Rs. 169
Super Diesel Rs. 8 Rs. 141
Auto Diesel Rs. 123

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