Dhoni: Indians furious after ICC ruling on military cricket gloves

Indians have rallied behind cricketer MS Dhoni after the International Cricket Council asked him to remove a military insignia from his wicket-keeping gloves during the World Cup.

Dhoni, who is a member of a reserve force called the Territorial Army in India, sports the logo of the special forces on his gloves.

The ICC says this flouts regulations, but added he would face no penalty.

India’s cricketing body has said that Dhoni will not comply with the order.

A senior official of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) told the PTI news agency that it had sent a formal request to the ICC asking for clearance for Dhoni to keep wearing the gloves, adding that he would continue to wear them anyway.

The logo, which depicts a commando dagger, is known as the Balidaan (sacrifice) badge in India. When he wore the gloves for India’s opening match against South Africa, many Indians praised him for doing so.

So the ICC ruling has not gone down well in the country with many emotional Indians reacting to it.

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