The Common Man’s Plea

Mahinda Rajapaksa, you are a 72 year old man, a career politician for 52 years, including two terms as PM and 2 terms as President, what makes you think that you deserve one more term? If you couldn’t accomplish what you wanted for the country in 52 years of politics, you are not going to add any value now. Or are you here to protect your allies and family of all the criminal charges that await them?


Please make room, leave, and retire with some dignity and semblance of a legacy of service at least to your constituents. Stop being a disgrace to yourself and the office you once held.


Ranil Wickremesinghe, same to you. You have lost more elections than a toothless old man has lost teeth. You have been a dictator within your party. We don’t want to imagine what you might do with executive powers as President.


Yes, you don’t deserve to be sent out unconstitutionally before your term. You were finally elected by the people in 2017 for a term. However, time and time again you prove you are not in touch with the common man. You are limited to theories and you just don’t seem capable of delivering results.


Worst of all, people voted because we thought you were a clean and upright man. In the context of the rampant corruption of the MR regime we desperately needed stability and good governance. You let us down and made a mockery of good governance.


Under your watch, the central bank scandal and Sri Lankan airlines scandal (and the Central Expressway) took place – you did little to nothing to prevent it.


In fact you even interfered, justified and downplayed obvious corruption. You promised to put corrupt politicians away, instead you kept them at large and “allegedly” protected them. Just because you wanted to keep the UPFA divided and weak, thereby to pave a political future for yourself.


These criminals still roam the halls of parliament with triumphalist arrogance and continue to bring their criminal attitude and savage ways to the sacred chamber. As was displayed last Thursday.


Finally, you taxed the common man, laid an unbearable burden on innocent Sri Lankans and SME’s to allegedly pay the debts of the previous regime.


You ought to have recovered the assets that were robbed by the previous regime to pay debts, renegotiate loans and give people some grace and not make them pay for the sins of their politicians.


You simply don’t understand the pain of the common man. Your elitist arrogance, Royal College, Colombo 7 superiority complex will never let you have compassion for the people you seek to serve.


That is why you will never experience the kind of and love and affection MR has from the grassroots. He may manipulate them for his politics, but at least he understands them, respects and to a certain extent cares about them.


You on the other hand don’t have the heart for your own people. 40 + years as a politician, not a single accomplishment, only multiple failed elections and two incomplete turbulent terms. You are incompetent of leading our country.


Time to leave, please, for the sake of the country, make your exist plan clear. If you are restored as PM in a few days’ it’s not because you deserve it, it’s because your political opponents didn’t have the patience or the decency to bring you down in a constitutional manner.


That’s why we spoke up and stood by the office of the PM and the voice of the people who elected you. Show us a clear exit strategy and timeline, stop ducking the question, have a backbone for once. Give a clear answer. You need to go. Time to pack up and leave.


Last Thursday, the two of you did nothing. You watched your MPs act like hooligans and thugs in Parliament. The two of you in your greed for power have dragged our once proud democracy to a shameful disgrace.

At least for the future of our nation. STEP ASIDE! Neither of you are the solution for our nation. You are the huge part of the PROBLEM.

(The above was an article doing its rounds on social media. We use it today as an Editorial in Honour of the people of this country whose helplessness and worry and growing poverty has our every sympathy and support. The problems of the people have been exaggerated and compounded by those pseudo democrats whose only claim to legislative authority has been the political patronage enjoyed via their support of leaders who on their own may well have made outstanding contributions to society. Sadly these leaders, have prostituted themselves to friends and family at the expense of professionals and those committed to the truest cause of good governance. The people have been continuously cheated of their aspirations and hopes for a better tomorrow for themselves and their children and indeed for their businesses. The incumbent Speaker of parliament has disgraced that supposedly august assembly by his complete partisanship rendering the term independent utterly null and void.

Today in Sri Lanka there is a lacuna of real leadership. A group of persons drawn from the 15 million plus eligible to vote and therefore eligible to seek public office, whose single minded purpose of mind should be a real commitment to serve the people of Sri Lanka to achieve the gilded prospects that awaited this beautiful nation all the way back in 1948 at independence. )


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