Anatomy of Rape, Causes and Remedies

Anatomy of Rape

Rape is a huge issue that plagues the world today. It is a worldwide issue, and is not specific to any one country. Rape also can impact anyone at any time. It is not specific to any one neighborhood, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or financial status. Rapes continue to happen frequently, and yet many are not reported to the police. Rape is widely thought to be the most underreported crime. There are many stigmas that go along with rape, so it makes it difficult to come forward. Also, it is sometimes difficult to prove rape when there are no physical signs. The victim may also fear being further victimized through the investigative process, so the crime is not reported.Furthermore, with the easy availability of illegal drugs, date rape has become more commonplace. Although date rape can occur without drugs, many times people use illegal substances to render their victims powerless against their advances. This is one form of date rape. In these cases, the victims do not even know what happened to them, and if they were even raped. Some of the drugs can create loss of memory, so it makes it impossible for the victim to express what happened. There are many different drugs used for date rape. Some, like alcohol, are not illegal substances. However, many of the drugs used in date rape are illegal substances. Rape can leave the victim feeling powerless. Many victims experience rape trauma syndrome, which can severely impact their lives.

Reasons Why Rape is Underreported

There are many reasons why rape is underreported. The most common reason given by victims of violent crime (including rape) for not reporting a crime was that it was a private or personal matter.  Other reasons why victims may not report rape include fear of reprisal, embarrassment, or the belief that the victim may not be believed. These issues all contribute to the underreporting of rape.

Rape is a profoundly different type of crime as the attacker is using their body as a weapon. Instead of merely stealing some personal item that can be replaced, the attacker takes something from the victim’s body and mind, which can never be replaced. This ordeal may only last a few minutes, but feels like hours to the victim as they wonder what will happen next. Also, it can last longer in cases of gang rapes. Once the event is finally over and the victim realizes they have survived, they may not want to talk about it with anyone, and especially not law enforcement officers and prosecutors.

Rape truly is the most personal of all crimes. Many people do not talk about sexual matters at all, so they are even less likely to discuss rape. If someone was raised in an environment where they did not talk about sexual things, they will be less likely to report a rape as an adult. It is difficult enough for the victim to get through the actual experience, and victims do not want to have to relive it several times with many different people. Unfortunately, that is the only way to bring justice to the attacker. If the victim comes forward about the attack, they will have to talk to the police at least once, talk to the prosecutor, and talk to the judge or jury depending on the type of case. It would not be as difficult if the victim only had to discuss the issue once, but they continually have to discuss it with different people, all of whom are strangers to them.

Sexual assault on women is a common phenomenon in our country. Under sexual assault comes; molestation, eve-teasing, child sex abuse, rape, marital rape, domestic violence.Of all these crimes, Rape is the most violent crime which is committed against women. Rape defines an unlawful intercourse done by a man with a woman without her valid consent.

Rape outrages a woman’s modesty. After a rape incident, a woman lives a pathetic life which includes fear, depression, guilt complex, suicidal action and social stigma.In recent times, Rape incidents have increased drastically around the world with incidents of murder following the crime too.For example, in India, statistics show that approximately two women are raped in the country every hour. If further statistics are to be believed, every 10 hours a girl of age 1-10 is being raped in India.

It appears that rapists are not afraid of the laws anymore as it seems to be getting loose after every single crime. Further, cases are being reported where minors and elderly women are being raped. The recent incident which shook the world was the rape and murder of 7 year old Zainab in Pakistan.The cruelty which was shown towards the child by the rapist filled every individual on the planet with wrath. So much so that the anger of thousands in Pakistan itself was taken to the streets in protests and demonstrations for Seven Year Old Zainab. The protests sure would compel world leaders to understand, re-think and amend the laws concerned with sexual assault on women and children across the planet.

Everyday,  newspapers report incidents of rape. In a majority of these rape cases the accused is known to the victim. The accused may be a friend, a relative, neighbor. Statistics does show that over 95% of the time the perpetrator is known to the victim or even related. Some cases are a rude shock to humanity. Cases where underage children are raped and murdered and in some cases infants too.

Reasons behind Rape

The important question which arises when we talk of cases regarding rape  is ‘what causes rape’. Why are rape cases increasing at an alarming rate? First and foremost, it is because of the lack of public safety procedures. In the present context of the world, Women are not safe outside nor inside their homes. Brutal sexual crimes are faced by them regardless of where they are. A number of cases have been reported where the perpetrators have committed the crime in the very home of the victim. There is no particular place in which one gets raped, the perpetrators are sexually frustrates and most of all uneducated and ruthless. The act is conducted regardless of the time and place. A few years ago, a student at Stanford was raped behind a dumpster in the United States. This goes to show how perpetrators are growing more impatient, ruthless, and comfortable in conducting this remorseless crime.

Incidents of rape are often gone unreported too. Studies show that rape victims are more likely to report sex crimes if female police officers are available. Lack of female police further aggravates the problem.

Another very important reason is a sluggish court system in some parts of the world and few convictions. India’s court system is painfully slow and for rapes that do get reported, the conviction rate is not more than 26%.As the accused is not convicted, others think that they can go around freely and rape whosoever they like. Stigmatizing the victim and encouraging the victim to compromise gives a further impetus to this horrendous crime.In many rural areas, the victim is pressurized to drop charges against the guilty. Not only this they are also encouraged to marry their rapist by telling them that no onewould marry the victim following a this issue and that it would be shamefulto their family.

In recent times, prominent leaders and experts have blamed women’s clothing as responsible for increasing rape cases which is a narrow minded statement  made. No clothing is an invitation to rape.

Consequences of Rape

Rape is a horrifying and invasive crime. It has the potential to completely change the victim’s life. With some crimes, once the actual crime is over, the victim can move on with their life. This is not the case with rape victims. Once the attack is over, there are many other issues the victim will encounter. Many victims of rape experience long-term consequences of their attack. There may be physical consequences deriving from the attack. There also may be emotional consequences. Many rape victims have difficulties returning to their normal lives after the attack. They may exhibit symptoms of rape trauma syndrome, a type of post-traumatic stress disorder.

There are many physical consequences that can arise from rape. The victim may become pregnant from the attack. This leads to a difficult decision for the victim, made even more difficult if they do not believe abortion is an appropriate option. Some women may have religious or personal views that prevent them from getting an abortion, and thus are forced to go through a pregnancy resulting from a rape. Rape victims can also contract sexually transmitted diseases from the attack. Depending on the disease, there may be an easy cure, or they may have to live with the disease for the rest of their lives. If they contract acquired immune deficiency syndrome, more commonly known as AIDS, their life may actually be shortened. This is why many emergency rooms administer antibiotics when someone claims they have been raped. This is an attempt to cure a disease before it is even diagnosed.

Rape victims may also have acute injuries resulting from the rape. Depending on the level of violence in the rape, these injuries can be minimal to severe. Typically the most violent rapes are stranger rapes. This is because stranger rapists are more likely to involve the use of a weapon. Attackers also may beat their victims. This can lead to simple cuts and bruises or more complex injuries like broken ribs. In addition, the victim may experience vaginal or rectal tears from the rape.

There are both emotional and psychological issues resulting from rape that are included in rape trauma syndrome. There are two phases of rape trauma syndrome. The first phase is the acute phase. In the acute phase, the victim experiences a complete disruption of her life, resulting from the violence she experienced. The victim may have a range of emotions during the acute phase, including crying, shouting, swearing, or laughing inappropriately. The victim may experience severe mood swings, and change emotions very quickly. They may be fearful to even leave their home. If the attack happened in their home, they may not feel safe living there anymore.

The second phase of rape trauma syndrome is the reorganization phase. In the reorganization phase, victims must reorganize their lives. This is accomplished with help from friends and family members.  During this phase, the victims have to learn ways to cope with their daily lives, and the disturbing thoughts that may enter their minds at any time. They may return to work and attempt to move on, but the pain and fear is still present in their minds.

Ways to Stay Safe

Rape is a growing problem throughout the world. Many people are victimized every day, both by strangers and by acquaintances. It is important for both men and women to know strategies to stay safe in such a dangerous world. These strategies may help lessen the chance of someone getting sexually assaulted. However, it is important to remember that no one is completely safe, no matter what strategies they employ. Also, it is important to remember that rape victims did not “ask for it,” and the only one to blame is the rapist.

It is also important to not be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Many people may get into trouble simply because of where they are. It is never a good idea to go on a jog alone at four in the morning. Even a moderately safe neighborhood can be dangerous at night. At night there are less witnesses and the cover of darkness makes it difficult to see. This is the prime time for an attacker to pounce. If someone is at a bar or club, it is important not to walk to their car alone. This can be another dangerous time. Many rapists are under the influence of alcohol when they attack, so clubs and bars can be a dangerous place, especially if there is not a “buddy system” in place.

There are also strategies that can be used in every day settings to protect against stranger rape. Even though stranger rape is not the most common form of rape, it does happen and can be extremely violent. One thing that can help is to take a self-defense class. Some communities offer free self-defense classes every few months. These may even be led by law enforcement officers. It is important to really participate in the classes to get the most benefit. Sometimes just knowing a few self-defense moves can make all the difference. The attacker may not expect the victim to fight back, so this can put the attacker off guard long enough for the victim to escape. Self-defense classes may also offer some advice on ways to stay safe daily without using force.

Rape is a growing problem. Rape affects people from all classes and all walks of life. No one is immune to this problem. As prevalent as rape is, it remains one of the most underreported crimes. Victims have a difficult time coming forward to discuss the most painful experience of their lives. It is hard enough to tell a loved one about the rape, but it is even worse to have to talk to complete strangers about such a personal and private matter. Victims also fear being scrutinized about the rape. They may feel a certain sense of guilt about the matter, and do not want to have to go before a judge and jury to further discuss the attack.

Although no one can protect themselves from every bad person in the world, there are some strategies to help lessen the chance of being attacked. Alertness is the number one factor in avoiding a dangerous situation. It is critical to always be aware of the surrounding area. There are also many self-defense strategies that can be learned to help out in an attack. Ultimately, rapists can be anywhere and look like anyone, so it can be difficult to distinguish the good from the bad. Even if someone does get raped, there is help for them from both the government and non-profit organizations to try to get their life back together.

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