‘Aava’ gang against ragging in Jaffna University

A group calling themselves ‘Anti-Ragging Committee of Aava Group’ has pasted handbills addressed to students of University of Jaffna, within university premises last night (10), stated students of the University.

Reportedly, the posters claim that the ‘Aava’ gang was formed to ensure the safety of female and that it has connections with nearly 40% of the campus students. If ragging of the freshmen is implemented within the University of Jaffna, the ‘Anti-Ragging Committee of Aava Group’ will take action against it, the posters further say.

According to Jaffna University students, the posters question the reason behind implementing ragging now when it didn’t happen back when the Eelam war was going on.

The posters state that the ‘Anti-Ragging Committee of Aava Group’ has commenced punishing the raggers of the University of Jaffna and there will be ‘no mercy’ for raggers, said Jaffna University students.

The posters request all students who suffer from ragging to inform them as ragging is a criminal act and say that they would impart punishments on the raggers.

During the recent past, a crisis occurred within the University of Jaffna due to cases of ragging.

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